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Sue and Colin Florance Owners of Ficifolia Lodge

Our Story
Ficifolia Lodge is owned and operated by Sue and Colin Florance, Kangaroo Island residents for many years. The Florance’s have a strong family connection to the Island and would love to share their intimate knowledge of this beautiful island with you.
The accommodation facilities were established in 1997 upon relocation from Darwin in the Northern Territory. A decision was made to develop a botique accommodation property to service the township of Parndana. At the time, Parndana was relatively unknown in the tourism circles. The township services the needs of the locals and continues to do so. Over time, Parndana has developed into a popular destination for visitors to stay. It’s services and central location offer a great country location for holidaying on Kangaroo Island.
Ficifolia Lodge was built on a site in the Parndana township which was owned by the “State Bank of South Australia” meeting the banking needs of a thriving farming industry some 40 years ago. The 1990s crash of sheep and wool prices, crippling bank interest rates, a credit squeeze and falling land values, resulted in local families losing their farms, incomes and identities as primary producers.
The Florance connection to Kangaroo Island
The Florance family has lived and farmed on Kangaroo Island for many years, being direct descendants of the “Snelling” family who settled at Middle River on the beautiful North Coast of Kangaroo Island.
The best Pub west of the Kohinoor !!
The Parndana Hotel, Caravan and Camping Park, is within easy walking distrance from Ficifolia Lodge and is often referred to as ‘an oasis in the middle of nowhere’. The Hotel’s caravan park, is located to the rear of the Hotel with the Parndana Bowling Club sited next door. The park offers powered and unpowered camping sites, a couple of self contained cabins, abolution blocks for campers and caravan users with one block specially designed to cater for disabled visitors. Parndana Hotel is one of the few Community owned hotels left in South Australia and offers a resturant, bottleshop, front bar facilities. Meals are available every day of the year, except Christmas Day offering both lunchtime and evening meals.
The Hotel prides itself on adopting a ‘no pokies and gambling policy’, and offers good old fashion country style hospitality. Check out the ‘Parndana Jetty’ when visiting the Hotel, a novel idea which attracts visitors from all areas of the island. Parndana Hotel also takes pride in being home to the ‘Kangaroo Island Shearing Hall of Fame’, a highly respected award celebrating the contribution of those working in the Sheep industry. During your visit you can learn about the a shearers way of life when reading the many stories on display. View an original set of “shears” and other artifacts on display.
The Parndana Hotel was built 1965 with its former name the Kangaroo Island Community Club. The building of the Club was financed by the local community, by way of loans which were paid back once the Club became profitable. As time when by, the Management Committee of the Kangaroo Island Community Club decided to lease our the business under private treatly by way of lease and is now known at the Parndana Hotel. Proceeds from the lease arrangement are ploughed back into improving the Hotel facilities including, Caravan Park & Camping site and new Bottleshop in recent years. The KICC Committee is presently looking at new projects designed to improve community facilities for the area.
12-2pm Lunches——-6-8pm Sunday to Thursday——-6-8.30pm Friday to Saturday
So if you are arrival late in the evening, you won’t be able to get a meal here in Parndana other than at the Parndana Hotel prior to their dining times. The Hotel staff are very helpful and may be able to organise a light snack for you to get you through until the morning. Check out the menu here Parndana Hotel Resturant

The Hotel is run locals, shared by locals and enjoyed by all !
Weather(Average Temperatures) here on Kangaroo Island
  • Summer Season
  • December – February
  • 23.2°C (Maximum) / 14.7°C (Minimum)
  • Autumn Season
  • March – May
  • 19.7°C (Maximum) / 12.5°C (Minimum)
  • Winter Season
  • June to August
  • 15.8 °C (Maximum) / 8.7°C (Minimum)
  • Spring Season
  • September – November
  • 18.5°C (Maximum) / 10.5°C (Minimum)