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Kangaroo Island Map
The main roads of Kangaroo Island are sealed and generally in good condition, though care should be exercised when travelling around dawn or dusk due to kangaroos. While kangaroos are marvellous to view, they can cause considerable damage to vehicles.
If you are travelling to Kangaroo Island via the ‘Sealink’ Ferry which docks at Penneshaw, simply follow the well sign-posted road towards Kingscote, turn right at the Kingscote intersection and then immediate left, past the airport and then straight ahead to Parndana. There are road maps available from the Tourist Information Centre which is located on the left hand side of the road, as you leave Penneshaw.
Avoid travelling around dawn and dusk, and if you have to travel, do so at reduced speed to avoid damage if you do encounter some of our native Australian wildlife.
A sealed road is provided to most of the major tourist attractions like Flinders Chase, Remarkable Rocks, Seal Bay, Kelly Hill Caves, Vivonne Bay, and all townships. Unsealed roads on the island can be extremely slippery due to the nature of the material used in their construction, so care should be exercised at all times, you may have not as much grip on the road as you think.
If you should have any problems at all locating Ficifolia Lodge, please don’t hesitate to telephone us and we will provide concise details for you to find us.
The people on Kangaroo Island are extremely friendly and are only too willing to lend a hand to visitors, so don’t be shy about asking directions. It is not uncommon for local people to stop and check that you are alright when stopped on the side of the road.
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  • Distance From Parndana 63 km.
  • Distance From Kingscote 99 km.
  • Distance From American River 109 km.
Cape Borda Lighthouse
  • Distance From Parndana 66 km.
  • Distance From Kingscote 103 km.
  • Distance From American River 117 km.
Admirals Arch
  • Distance From Parndana 76 km.
  • Distance From Kingscote 133 km.
  • Distance From American River 123 km.
Seal Bay
  • Distance From Parndana 28 km.
  • Distance From Kingscote 60 km.
  • Distance From American River 64 km.
Vivonne Bay
  • Distance From Parndana 30 km.
  • Distance From Kingscote 61 km.
  • Distance From American River 71 km.
Middle River
  • Distance From Parndana 30 km.
  • Distance From Kingscote 64 km.
  • Distance From American River 80 km.
Stokes Bay
  • Distance From Parndana 24 km.
  • Distance From Kingscote 50 km.
  • Distance From American River 66 km.