As for knifes

As for knifes

As for knifes, I have also been doing a SHIT tone of research and I recently bought a 3″ spear parring knife, 10″ bread knife, and 8″ chefs knife all from victorinox as they are really cheap but still really high quality as it has what is called German steel, which although its not actually made in Germany it is whats used by many famous high quality knife brands like Whustof of JA Henckles. Looks can be deceiving as its just they are all just so simple, but at the same time its what makes them great as they just apparently feel so great, especially with their patented Fibrox handles which are slip resistant. Another plus is its actually a hybrid style knife, or at least the chefs knifes are as they take the western weight/feel but eastern sharpness and thinner cutting surface..

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